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We’ve made it so simple to get started on an O-1 or EB-1 visa application that you’re done with your part in an hour. You’ll get updates from us while we prepare your application, and you don’t have to sweat the details or hire an immigration attorney. We take care of all of that!

5-Step Process

Step 1


We hop on a call to make sure you qualify for an O-1

Step 2


We hop on a call to get details about you and your company

Step 3


We review the evidence together on a screen share

Step 4


We share all letters for you or others to sign

Step 5


Have your cofounder sign a final version of your application


Legalpad is the only immigration service that ‘gets it.’ I’ve personally had two visa petitions approved with Legalpad which have allowed me to create tremendous value in the US. I simply wouldn’t trust anyone else to handle my file.

Chris Pitchford, Ally

Our experience working with Legalpad lived up to the hype They were relentless and confident every step of the way, and for someone who didn’t feel particularly ‘extraordinary’ for an O-1, they made us feel that it’s actually possible.

Jijo Sunny, Buy Me a Coffee

The amount of confidence that the team showed in me and my application was incredible even when it felt like all hopes were lost. It’s not about the job for Legalpad–it’s about helping people out. It is so refreshing to actually talk to a person who says, “Let’s figure this out together.”

Sujay Suresh Kumar, Lilu

LegalPad helped me navigate the toughest immigration atmosphere during the COVID19 pandemic. Their amazing team kept me up to date with the latest immigration developments while working to file my application. Without their help obtaining my visa, my company and I would not have been able to effectively come out ahead.

Cal Wilkes

As a small operations team, I needed a partner I could trust to take the time to get to know us as a company and our employees as individuals so we could feel good about every visa application submitted. Legalpad showed up in this way for us, and has had 100% success so far.

Krista Ahlgrim, Shyft

Legalpad is the only firm that convinced me I met the O-1 visa criteria. They nailed the whole process and made the impossible possible. Legalpad changed my life by allowing me to build a company and my life in the U.S. No words can express how extremely grateful I am.

Basia Kubicka

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